"There’s a simple cure for our human crises. Pain doesn’t have to be permanent. And lonely doesn’t have to last forever."

Have you ever had moments when you felt invisible? Like you didn't matter? Instead of feeling like you belong, do you fake it to fit in? 

We all do. You're not alone.

Too many people pretend to have it all together. But inside they're lost and lonely just wishing someone would notice. Alone Sucks tells the story of aloneness and untangles the many lies and messiness of life.

You can feel whole and learn how to help others at the same time.

alone doesn't have to suck!




Jeff Goins

We don’t do our best work—or live our best lives—alone. Timothy Eldred beautifully illustrates this in his latest book, Alone Sucks, painting a picture of what a whole life looks like and why it involves more than us sitting by ourselves. Don’t miss this important work at just the right time!

Valorie Kondos Field

With more outlets to ‘connect’ than ever before, it’s remarkable how such a sizable portion of the population feels desperately alone. In Alone Sucks, Tim Eldred opens a dialogue for all ages about true relational intimacy and our basic need for connectivity.

Dr. crystal kirgiss

Alone Sucks is a reality we all face. Tim Eldred’s personal story of aloneness and thoughtful words about how to counteract its effects will be an encouragement both to those who’ve been there themselves and for those who serve the many “alones” among us.

Amanda colleen williams

Tim eloquently explores the challenges behind the loneliness and isolation gripping our world. Alone Sucks is as clear as it gets and has the power to touch and heal through his straight forward, empathic, and humorous approach to the struggles of humanity.

Masey mclain

Words can’t express the need for this book in our generation. Alone Sucks speaks directly to the core of your being—you won’t want to put it down. Tim’s humor, raw honesty, and the unapologetic truth he speaks will hit home with whoever picks it up.


Loneliness is at the root of so much personal and cultural suffering. But there’s hope! In Alone Sucks, Tim Eldred addresses this important and timely topic by sharing his own personal story and God’s remedy for the aloneness he never intended for us.

Mark OestreicHER

Loneliness is one of those rare ailments that defiantly objects to publicity. Bringing it into the light with honesty and unvarnished vulnerability is the first hammer-whack on its ceramic frailty. Through his own story of acute isolation, Tim Eldred names the squiggly things under the rock, carrying the hope of light into dark places.

joe bonsall

Alone Sucks is the message we all need to hear. Tim says the right words at the just the right time in our society to guide us through the stormy waters of life. This book is filled with real answers we can’t ignore, especially for the next generation.


Timothy Eldred is a seasoned pastor, author, speaker, and unrelenting voice for releasing people’s potential with a reputation for challenging the status quo. Tim speaks, teaches, and performs throughout the world. His books have been read by hundreds of thousands of people. He makes his home in a quiet community in Central Michigan. You can sign up for Tim's free resource, It’s All About Relationships™, at timothyeldred.com and follow him on social media @timothyeldred.


"Timothy Eldred’s, Alone Sucks, is a raw, refreshing, and real look at something we all know—we were created to be in relationship. Using personal stories and amusing anecdotes, Tim drives his point home and calls the reader to genuine reflection."

—Jay and Laura Laffoon, Co-Founders, Celebrate Ministries, Inc.

"The “bent to wander” is never louder or more singular than when we’re alone and isolated. My friend, Tim Eldred, bravely and honestly lights up the dark corners of isolation and has inspired me to be more intentional to seek authentic community."

—Geoff Moore, Recording Artist and Songwriter

"A must read! Alone Sucks does what Tim Eldred has done for years—shocks us into reality. We must start hearing the cries of the multitudes being swallowed alive, stop pointing out their flaws, and begin penetrating their lives by building real relationships."

—Bob Lenz, Founder, Life Promotions

"Alone Sucks comes at just the right time. This isn’t just another book for everyone else to read—it hit home for my own daily struggle. Tim’s insight and refreshing honesty will give you the courage to face your fears and the wisdom to help others as well."

—Mike Penberthy, NBA Champion and Assistant Coach of the New Orleans Pelicans

"Heart healing wisdom! Every page of Alone Sucks is saturated with compassion. Tim’s soul-bearing story reveals the sorrow and solution of being alone. This book is a life preserver that will pull you out of the undertow of life and help you rescue others."

—Kathy Branzell, President, National Day of Prayer 

"Timely and well-written. Alone Sucks re-enforces the biblical perspective that we were created to relate. Alone does suck! Without caring connections, bad things happen. You will benefit from Tim’s insights about aloneness. Read it and reap great rewards."

—Dr. David Ferguson, Executive Director, GreatCommandment.net


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